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PowerShell is Microsoft’s response to the complex management and automation challenges in private, hybrid, and public cloud computing.

ScriptRunner makes it easier for you. It supports you in all your IT operations and IT-supported business processes you want to implement in your team using PowerShell.

Do you want to automate or delegate processes easily, quickly, and securely? No problem. ScriptRunner facilitates the use of PowerShell in team operations and ensures transparency!

The implementation of the ScriptRunner platform directly into your daily operations is extremely fast and easy without additional project expenses. With ScriptRunner, you benefit from the full potential and different features right from the first script.

Why PowerShell automation?

  • SR Bullet points the automation language for DevOp teams
  • SR Bullet points simplifies high complexity through modularization
  • SR Bullet points makes processes highly reproducible
  • SR Bullet points available for many hardware and software solutions
  • SR Bullet points simple automation even in complex landscapes
  • SR Bullet points supports Windows, Linux, and MacOs

Why ScriptRunner?

  • SR Bullet points quickly tap potential through automation
  • SR Bullet points ensures high security through execution policies
  • SR Bullet points creates freedom by delegating routine activities
  • SR Bullet points transparency in reporting & audit processes
  • SR Bullet points professional use of PowerShell in team operations
  • SR Bullet points operative integration of the platform without additional project expenses

Why to start now:

  • SR Bullet points over 50 easily implementable use cases
  • SR Bullet points up to 40% increase in efficiency within your IT team
  • SR Bullet points noticeable minimization of risks and stress in your daily operations
  • SR Bullet points adherence to compliance and governance guidelines
  • SR Bullet points immediately get more time for IT projects which are more relevant for your business
  • SR Bullet points better utilization of employee skills in IT operations and helpdesk/support

ScriptRunner - the solution for PowerShell

The ScriptRunner Instant Automation & Collaboration Suite for PowerShell enables you to cover the entire value-added chain for PowerShell in different user roles – from developer to helpdesk staff, from DevOp to manager.

thanks to simple integration

with dashboards & reports

to helpdesk & support

with a central library

based on team guidelines

with full ISE integration

Benefits and added value

Faster response time

ScriptRunner enables you to significantly reduce the response time to different issues and user demands. The secure delegation of tasks and activities by central IT teams to the helpdesk and support, as well as the automated processing of system events, enables you to gradually improve your service levels. 

Improved reproducibility

ScriptRunner makes it possible to significantly improve the reproducibility of processes and routine activities. The defined guidelines on manual, time-controlled, and event-based running of scripts ensure that they are always executed in the same way and context. 

Improved security

With ScriptRunner you can significantly improve security when using PowerShell. The clear separation of rights for execution of scripts, rights for initiation of guideline-based events, and rights for automation of events brings in more security that is often not offered by PowerShell. 

Reduced expenses

ScriptRunner largely reduces the administrative effort needed for each of your tasks and processes. The simplified use of scripts, combined with a simple graphical user interface, conceals the complexity of scripts and their use. One no longer needs to log onto the target system to open and run the Windows PowerShell console. The delegate app enables every end user to execute scripts without even noticing.

Reduced risk and stress

ScriptRunner greatly minimizes risks and stress. To make mistakes is human. Without ScriptRunner the erroneous execution of scripts on wrong systems or with incorrect rights is a common occurrence without ScriptRunner. With ScriptRunner you can clearly specify which scripts should be run on which system and with which parameters and rights, as well as define appropriate interfaces, users who should run the script, and the execution policies in order to eliminate such risks. 

Improved efficiency

ScriptRunner enables you to sustainably increase the efficiency in recurrent tasks and routine activities in your daily operations. You can either delegate these from the central IT team or completely automate them. Scripts created for use with ScriptRunner can be easily prepared to be available to multiple administrators and users as well as executed easily using an app. 

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