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Gain more time for innovation with automation in IT operations

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Laut einer Studie der Dimension Data und International Data Corporation (IDC), müssen IT-Abteilungen im Schnitt 30 Prozent ihrer Zeit für die Beantwortung von Serviceanfragen und der Beseitigung entstandener Probleme aufwenden.


Für die Entwicklung digitaler Innovationen stehen ihnen nur noch 15 Prozent ihrer Zeit zur Verfügung – 25 Prozent weniger als im vergangenen Jahr 2016. Während mit der Industrie 4.0 die Automatisierung von Geschäftsprozessen zunehmend an Bedeutung gewinnt, haben IT-Betriebsteams kaum noch Kapazitäten übrig, um sich mit Innovationen auseinanderzusetzen, neue Techniken voranzutreiben oder die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des Unternehmens zu steigern. Und das, obwohl sie durchaus ebenfalls von einer Automatisierung profitieren könnten. 


Gain time

In the course of the study, IDC surveyed a total of 275 IT specialists and managers about enterprise digitization. The result is sobering: Only 14 percent of the respondents see their infrastructure ready for digitization.

Especially regarding the degree of automation in IT, there is great potential:

  • 9 percent state that their infrastructure is not automated at all
  • a further 13 percent rate their infrastructure as just slightly automated
  • 32 percent see only partial automation

Experience shows that even in large companies, automation often focuses on software deployment and routine tasks from day-to-day business continue to be performed manually. In particular, automation of routine tasks would significantly reduce the workload of IT specialists, who could use the time gained for improvement and innovation projects. A major challenge for companies is the financing and time required to implement the right tools and platforms in their specific environments.


Automation doesn’t have to be expensive and complex

ScriptRunner addresses exactly this problem. The platform for automation and delegation offers companies a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution based on Microsoft PowerShell.

Once created, tasks can be executed either ad-hoc with one click, time-controlled or event-controlled. IT tasks can also be easily delegated within the team or to third parties using the Delegate-App. Above all, this makes support processes more efficient, as actions such as deactivating users, resetting passwords and many other everyday tasks can be performed quickly by help desks without having to compromise on security.

100% reproducibility and complete traceability of what was executed when, by whom and with what result also guarantee auditability and compliance with compliance guidelines.


Using automation

By automating administrative activities, the daily operations of the IT department are significantly relieved. At the same time, automation and delegation shorten response times in service management and ensure transparent, reproducible processes. The result: Possible sources of error are reduced, and the quality of IT operations is consolidated. Employees thus have considerably more time at their disposal to drive innovation forward. And capacities that are lost today for troubleshooting, error correction, reworking, routine activities or monitoring can finally be used efficiently again.

To create fully automated processes, ScriptRunner offers numerous interfaces to third-party programs. For example, the monitoring system can report problems to ScriptRunner and automatically start the appropriate action to fix the problem. Before the administrator notices that there was a problem, it is already automatically fixed.


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