What customers and experts say about ScriptRunner:

"As a managed service provider, we operate complete infrastructures for our customers. With the integration into our monitoring environment, we automate complex control circuits. ScriptRunner® reduces the effort and increases the quality of our administration and support tasks."

Andreas Engmann, VINTIN Services GmbH, Business Development

"Thanks to extensive functions, ScriptRunner® is the ideal solution for our business activities. Especially when performing recurring activities, combined with a simple and customizable user interface."

Harald Schneider, AddOn GmbH, System Administrator

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Professionals recommend ScriptRunner:

"ScriptRunner enables the proper organization of PowerShell scripts in businesses and makes them widely available and secure to use. Furthermore the combination with ISESteroids improves the efficiency of script development."

- Dr. Tobias Weltner, PowerShell MVP

"ScriptRunner makes the use of PowerShell much more enjoyable. ScriptRunner impresses with its versatility and easy to use delegation. If you work intensively with the shell, you should have a closer look on the platform.

IT-Administrator, September 2015

"The tool is designed by professionals for professionals: administrators who want to automate their systems with PowerShell, get a solution that makes the work with their scripts easier"

PC Magazin, March 2015

"A powerful solution for system professionals who want to automate their administration and support tasks in the network by using scripting techniques."

NT4Admins, June 2015

"System administrators who are already familiar with the administration and support of their systems with this modern scripts language and are now striving to systematically use the Powershell scripts for automating the systems, will find a powerful solution that offers them a lot of help."

LANline, Decembre 2014