ScriptRunner and ISESteriods as a bundle for better Collaboration and PowerShell Automation

Based on a joining forces with PowerShell expert and MVP Dr. Tobias Weltner AppSphere offers a PowerShell Admin Bundle that allows for simplified development, management and automation of PowerShell scripts.

Dr. Tobias Weltner was impressed by the thorough set of ScriptRunner functionalities:

"ScriptRunner enables you to well organize your PowerShell scripts and to execute them anywhere with a secure, role based concept. In combination with ISESteroids IT teams will benefit from greater efficiency at developing their PowerShell scripts." 

Asked to describe ISESteroids Dr. Weltner answererd:
"ISESteroids is a PowerShell module designed to specifically extend the built-in ISE PowerShell editor. ISESteroids adds virtually hundreds of sophisticated, efficient and slick features to the ISE editor, and leaves plenty of room for you to customize, configure, and “make it yours”.

ISESteroids 2.0: Coded PowerShell Know-how for developers

  • SR Bullet points Realtime error check
  • SR Bullet points Automated correction functions
  • SR Bullet points Digital signature for your scripts
  • SR Bullet points Best practise suggestions
  • SR Bullet points Saved time through reduced errors
  • SR Bullet points Increased script reliability

To quickly discover what ISESteroids can do for you, take a look at the feature overview with plenty of 5-Minute-Walkthroughs.

The charm of using two smart PowerShell Tools in combination with each other was reason enough for the ScriptRunner-Team and Weltner to create and offer a powerful scripting bundle for IT pros.
Read the full Press Release here.