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Manage servers, clients and devices in parallel

Narrow time frames are a problem

There are always cases in daily operation where changes need to be made to a large number of servers or clients. These can be registry operations, files, rights or system settings. Unfortunately, the time frames are usually very narrow and small. The more systems are affected, the more difficult the whole thing is.

From sequential to parallel

Despite a better alternative, software distribution functions are often used for this purpose. Although it is “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut”. PowerShell scripts are actually the better choice. You now only need one option for parallel processing.





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Your requirements

You want to be able to perform checks, configurations, rights settings and more on a variety of servers and clients. You want to escape the trap of narrow time frames.

  • Automatic and parallel control of systems
  • Parallel processing of scripts on a variety of systems
  • Ensure an identical execution environment on the systems
  • Comparability of results with individual reports
  • Summary reporting for a better overview

Our solution

The ScriptRunner platform supports the parallel control of target systems and the parallel execution of scripts in the PowerShell. The execution guidelines ensure that the runtime environment is the same on all systems. You can use time control to determine which time frame is to be used.

  • Scripts from one of the action packs or self-created scripts for checking and configuration changes
  • Parallel execution of a script on a variety of target systems using target system containers
  • Control execution on each system through a defined policy
  • Time control of parallel processing for utilization of a certain time frame
  • Reporting from summary to detail level per system

The benefit to you

Changes to servers and clients can now be made simultaneously and more efficiently in narrow time frames than by detouring through software distribution. The same type of execution is guaranteed.

  • Fast and efficient execution of changes on servers and clients with scripts
  • No more detours via software distribution mechanisms
  • Less organizational and operational overhead for minor changes
  • Full control over changes with execution policies
  • Optimal utilization in narrow time frames