Why ScriptRunner?

ScriptRunner is a winning solution for you.

 The take-away of Dev-Insider, December 2017:

 "Companies that want to use PowerShell scripts to manage and deploy applications and servers should consider using ScriptRunner."

Your challenge

  • SR Bullet points You are the only PowerShell user
  • SR Bullet points You want more time for innovative projects
  • SR Bullet points You want efficiency gains through automation

Situation now

  • SR Bullet points Others cannot really use your scripts
  • SR Bullet points You spend too much time with first-level support activities
  • SR Bullet points The back and forth of tasks between teams leads to SLA issues

Situation with ScriptRunner

  • SR Bullet points The service desk and all admins can run scripts safely in the browser
  • SR Bullet points Repetitive, unpopular tasks are avoided
  • SR Bullet points SLAs can be reliably met

Our promise

ScriptRunner significantly simplifies the use of PowerShell for automation and delegation in professional and secure IT operations.