Automation and Collaboration for PowerShell - with Automic and ScriptRunner


Automic and PowerShell Automation Engine with ScriptRunner

The combination of Automic and ScriptRunner enables IT operation teams to use both strengths of PowerShell for daily administration and a quick and easy automation as well as the strengths of IT-based workflows. 

The Automic platform takes charge of the central control and workflow capabilities for IT-supported processes.

Script Runner provides the Action Pack as being highly flexible and secure PowerShell Automation Engine. This executes the PowerShell scripts controlled based on configurable policies. Latter can simultaneously be used with the Script Runner Apps by administrators and help desk, support and user self-service.

The ScriptRunner Action Pack for Automic contains:

  • SR Bullet points ScriptRunner 2016
  • SR Bullet points XML-Export-File(s) for the Automic Plattform
  • SR Bullet points Technical Guideline
  • SR Bullet points Product FactSheet
  • SR Bullet points Business FactSheet

"As a managed services provider, we operate complete infrastructures for our clients. We automate complex regulation cycles with integra-tion in our monitoring environment. ScriptRunner® reduces costs and ensures increased quality in our administration and support tasks.”  

- Andreas Engmann, VINTIN Services GmbH, Business Development

Download the ScriptRunner Plug-In for Automic now:

Download the ScriptRunner Plug-In for Automic now: