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"With ScriptRunner, I have an easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface.
This is convenient and
the biggest win for me."


| Martin Schmidt
| Team Leader Development and Infrastructure
| – Remote Desktop Services
| City of Munich



Modern PowerShell web UI

ScriptRunner's modern PowerShell web UI is the key to user-friendly interaction via a web browser.
This innovative technology automatically generates input forms and smart elements from the scripts. Delegation thus becomes piece of cake.

Leading-edge input forms-2

Leading-edge input forms

  • Generate the form in one go:
    Define the input parameters in your script. The magic will happen automatically. 
  • Use smart elements:
    Whether text, numbers, date and time, dropdown lists, file upload or others. You have the choice.
  • Improve input quality:
    Validate the input and provide feedback to the users. This helps them correct errors easily.

User-oriented output

  • Easy to understand results:
    Show script execution results depending on the users' preferences and needs.
  • Clearly and graphically presented:
    Extend the possibilities with clear and graphical representations using HTML reports for your users. 
  • Improve reports with branding:
    Use the possibilities to brand the reports in your corporate design. Reinforce the company's identity.
User-oriented output-2
Multilingual with PowerShell-NEU

Multilingual with PowerShell?
– ¡Sí, claro!

  • For users around the world:
    Write PowerShell scripts multilingually and make them available to more users than possible by default.
  • Add more languages if you like:
    You need many languages for your users? Then use our language tags to expand.
  • Switch language on the fly:
    You can use the form's automatic language selection within the portal or set a language yourself.

Further unique features by ScriptRunner