About Us

We accelerate automation.

ScriptRunner enables IT Pros first automation with PowerShell in less than a day, it is simple and safe to use and can manage systems on-prem, hybrid and cloud services.

Thinking automation differently.


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Inspiring customers worldwide.

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Winning with us.

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"Thinking automation with PowerShell differently means to combine the programming of individualized algorithms with the requirements of the experts in IT operations in the best possible way. Since the very first concept, ScriptRunner has always been about automating scripts quickly and securely with PowerShell and making them easy to use for everyone.
Across the board, our customers are fully convinced and cannot imagine life without our ScriptRunner solution anymore. Automating all PowerShell activities with ScriptRunner makes the IT Pros’ life easier.
We will keep driving innovation to make ScriptRunner even more valuable to our customers.“ 


Frank Kresse 
Founder & CEO