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Start your automation with the Corporate Suite

ScriptRunner Corporate Suite
Automation, Delegation & Scheduled Script Execution
Starting from 3 Administrators & 7 Help Desk Users
Optional Self-Service End User licenses (as of 50 users)
Optional Automation and Integration Connectors
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Assemble and License ScriptRunner in a Modular Way


Administrator license enables full ScriptRunner management, configuration and delegation to user groups.

Help Desk Users

The Help Desk license allows unlimited execution of ScriptRunner Actions and provides detailed reporting to the user.

Self-Service End Users

The Self-Service license is for end users and limited to 10 use cases. It is licensed in blocks.

ScriptRunner Server

Your first purchase includes one ScriptRunner Server license. Test systems or additional ScriptRunner Server instances require additional licenses.

ScriptRunner Connectors

ScriptRunner Automation and Integration Connectors can be licensed individually if desired.




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Maintenance Included

Included in all of our offerings are updates, upgrades, and maintenance for ScriptRunner, as well as email support.


Free PowerShell Scripts

ScriptRunner ActionPacks are PowerShell scripts that are free to use and customize. Save time and effort, implement your use cases quickly and easily!


Contract Term

The standard term of use is three years. Subsequent purchases are adjusted to the initial expiration date.


ScriptRunner License Terms and Conditions