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ScriptRunner Portal

ScriptRunner Portal is the web application for administrators, help desk and end users. Various apps provide easy access to a wide range of features of the ScriptRunner software platform. Access and role in the portal can be provided with AD or Azure AD user accounts.


Portal Widget

The Portal Widget seamlessly integrates ScriptRunner Actions with other applications. This allows administrators, help desk and end users to continue working in their familiar environment and use automation with PowerShell invisibly with full functionality.

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Portal Entry

Upon entering the portal, you see an overview of the apps that are available to the respective user. The integrated role model controls access to the functions and apps for the different user groups.

Helpdesk and end users launch directly into the Run App for running actions when they enter the Portal.

Administrators can access different feature sets in the apps depending on their administrative role. The Portal provides direct access to ScriptRunner online resources and support.

User login can be done via the internal Active Directory account or the Azure AD account.


Run App: Execute Scripts

To interactively run ScriptRunner actions, administrators, helpdesk and end users use the Run app.

Runnable actions available to the user can be displayed as tiles or in a list. Customizable tabs and search make it easy to keep track.

Administrators can control and organize the display of actions for different user groups. Customizable colors and a choice of over 2,000 icons enable user-defined design of action tiles.

The included branding options allow the portal to be adapted to the corporate design.


No-code User Interface for Users

When clicking on an Action tile, ScriptRunner automatically generates an input form from the underlying PowerShell script.

The form fields support all attributes and validations for PowerShell input parameters. ScriptRunner queries can be used to generate dynamic drop-down lists for convenient selection of items.

The live output function is available to administrators and help desk. In addition to tracking a single Action, it is possible to switch between simultaneously running Actions and the individual outputs.

The results of script execution and HTML reports generated with it are displayed directly in the Portal.

Action-Running-1 (1)

Reporting App: Results and HTML Reports

The Reporting App allows a quick drill-down to the results and reports of the executed Actions.

In the dashboard, administrators and help desk can filter for example by Actions with incorrect result, time span or specific Actions. The bar chart shows the filtered Actions with execution time and status.

Selecting a report opens the display for the details of console history, result display as well as generated HTML report. With the export functions, the information can be further used outside ScriptRunner.


Monitoring App: Scripts' Execution in Real-Time

The execution of scripts can be monitored centrally for all ScriptRunner servers in real-time with the Monitoring App. All pending, running and recently finished scripts are displayed in an overview. When clicking on the specific action, the real-time output of the PowerShell script is displayed directly.

Another dashboard is provided for the ScriptRunner server load. In addition, filters can be applied to restrict monitoring for critical actions or servers.


Scripts App: Develop and Manage Scripts  

The Scripts App is the central hub for DevOps and script management in one place. From here, scripts can be created using templates or loaded directly from the ScriptRunner Git repository.

On top of that, scripts can be edited in a controlled and traceable manner. Script versions can be compared and reverted to old versions through check-out, check-in, version history and versioning.

Different modes allow the application with the ScriptRunner ISE add-on, the Visual Studio Code Extension as well as the synchronization with Git-based repositories of different manufacturers.


Statistics App: Evaluations and Efficiency Gains

With ScriptRunner and PowerShell, a wide variety of tasks and activities can be automated.

It is important for every IT team and IT manager to know which efficiency gains are actually achieved with automation.

The Statistics App offers the possibility to visualize these savings. For each Action, it is possible to store how much time is saved by the automation for this activity per run. In the Statistics App, the time and cost savings can be displayed for a defined period of time and the data can be exported for further processing.


Automation App: Configuring Automation Connectors

The ScriptRunner Automation App is used to organize, create, configure, and manage Automation Connectors to enable fully automated execution of ScriptRunner actions.

The administrator uses the Automation App to connect ScriptRunner to a third-party system via Web Service Connector or Email Inbound Connector. The Automation App provides the administrator with the ability to set up authorization and authentication of the external systems such as monitoring, workflow automation, ERP and others, as well as assigning actions to the appropriate Automation Connector.

The integration of third-party systems opens up a wide range of possibilities for full automation of even very complex use cases.


Overview of Functions and Apps in the Portal


Portal, Admin App

Configure and use policies to 
run scripts (actions 

No Code UI
to configure and execute   

Run App
Run all actions parallel  

Reporting App
View, filter and compare all reports 

Monitoring App 
Monitor executions in real time

Scripts App 
Manage, develop scripts, versioning, 
integration with Git systems  
Access to ActionPacks  

Licensing App
License status and reorders 

Statistics App  
Usage statistics and ROI

Automation App
Configuration of Automation Connectors, integration of third-party systems

Settings App and PowerShell Settings Module 

ISE Add-on 
for developing and testing scripts

VSC Extension 
for developing and testing scripts 

Contact ScriptRunner Support
Direct access to online resources and messages
Download latest build  

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Help Desk


Using the policies to run delegated 
scripts (actions   

No Code UI
to execute   

Run App
Execute delegated actions parallel

Reporting App
Display own reports

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End Users


Using the policies to run delegated 
scripts (actions   

No Code UI
to execute   

Run App
Execute delegated actions sequentially