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"Anything that could be automated,
we try to automate with ScriptRunner."


| Thomas Willa
| Cloud Engineer
| Inventx AG



Security, reporting and compliance

Maximum security is a core requirement for modern automation systems, especially when it comes to system administration and IT operations.
ScriptRunner strictly follows the security-by-design approach.

Built-in security model

Built-in security model

  • No direct system access:
    ScriptRunner prevents direct, unrestricted access by users and administrators to central IT resources. Actions are executed exclusively by ScriptRunner servers.
  • Use PowerShell only policy-driven:
    Execution policies guarantee just minimal, necessary access to system resources when processing PowerShell scripts. That's proper security-by-policy.
  • Increase script security:
    No security-relevant credentials in the script (ever!). No code that can be smuggled in via input fields. Achieve a level of security that significantly exceeds PowerShell standards.

What happened when and where? You'll know!

  • Check comprehensive reports and logs:
    ScriptRunner monitors and logs all PowerShell activity. You can always check which script was executed when and with which result.
  • Monitor in realtime what's happening:
    You want to follow live what's happening at any given moment? Then use the Live Monitor to see how far the script has been processed and how busy the systems are.
  • Keep track of changes:
    Scripts and configurations are subject to change cycles. Use the 'compare' feature in ScriptRunner to identify and track changes.
What happened when and where-2
More security means more protection

More security, more protection

  • ScriptRunner roles are simple and effective:
    ScriptRunner uses only clear user roles to control access in ScriptRunner. Few groups in your directory are sufficient.
  • Secure delegation of tasks to anyone:
    Actions in ScriptRunner can be securely delegated to other administrators, helpdesk or end users. This way, you can implement modern multi-zone security concepts.
  • Protect your secrets:
    Storing secrets in managed vaults increases security. Therefore, ScriptRunner integrates several, common systems. No unauthorized access!

Further unique features by ScriptRunner