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"Open AI is more than an evolution.
It’s revolutionizing PowerShell scripting. A game changer for every scripter."


| Doug Finke
| Microsoft MVP
| Creator of the PowerShell AI Module



AI-powered scripting

AI is a key technology for the future of IT automation of the future. ScriptRunner makes it available for administrators today. AI assists you in scripting with PowerShell in all its facets. The future starts now.

Warum KI-gestütztes Scripting-2

Why AI-powered scripting?

  • Use the available global expertise:
    AI offers the knowledge and experience of administrators worldwide in a very simple way. Just use it.
  • Create scripts more quickly:
    Focus more on what you want to achieve. AI then helps you to implement it in a script.
  • Improve scripts with a co-writer:
    Make your automation even better. AI can help analyzing the scripts and then improve them.

AI-powered scripting in ScriptRunner

  • Generating PowerShell code with AI:
    To generate code, ScriptRunner integrates leading technologies like OpenAI and ChatGPT to achieve the best of possible results.
  • Use intelligent pre-processing:
    Prompt engineering is needed in the meaningful use of AI-powered scripting. Our pre-processor will help you.
  • Agile scripting made easy:
    Automation is changing and so is the PowerShell code, too. Improve, customize and extend scripts – as if made for AI.
KI-gestütztes Scripting in ScriptRunner

Further unique features by ScriptRunner