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ScriptRunner Connectors

ScriptRunner Connectors are interfaces that allow you to connect third-party systems such as monitoring, workflow automation, databases, password servers, IT service management, CRM, ERP and many others to ScriptRunner Server to functionally enhance the ScriptRunner platform.

Depending on functionality and objectives there are two types of connectors: Automation Connectors and Integration Connectors.


ScriptRunner Connectors for Automation

Automation connectors are used to allow external systems to start actions in ScriptRunner and to receive the results of these actions again.

Web Service Connector

The Web Service Connector extends ScriptRunner with a functional and configurable REST API. Using this interface, external systems can call defined actions in ScriptRunner.

This opens up a wide range of automation possibilities, even for implementing very complex use cases.

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Email Inbound Connector

The Email Inbound Connector is the alternative to the Web Service Connector for all systems that cannot communicate via REST. Instead, communication between the source system and ScriptRunner takes place via email.

This way, many legacy systems without modern interfaces can be integrated in automation.

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The step from partial to full automation is achieved through the direct integration of third-party systems. In such scenarios, ScriptRunner Server takes on the role of an automation machine that centrally controls script processing on a technical level in the background. The security architecture ensures that only assigned actions can be executed by the systems.

The systems integrated in ScriptRunner can trigger an action in a process-driven, event-based or interactive manner.


ScriptRunner Connectors for Integration

Integration connectors are used to allow ScriptRunner to access and modify external systems and their resources within actions.

Password Server Connector

The Password Server Connector is used to ensure the secure management and centralization of passwords. They allow ScriptRunner to automatically access the securely stored passwords during the execution of Actions. This eliminates the need to store credentials within PowerShell scripts or on the ScriptRunner server.

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Report/Audit DB Connector

The Report/Audit DB Connector allows you to additionally transfer all information from Action reports to an external SQL database. With this long-term storage you can ensure that no report is lost and you meet the requirements of governance and compliance readiness.

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Email Notification Connector

The Email Notification Connector allows you to send notifications about Action executions and results to any recipient as automated emails.

In this way, alert scenarios can be implemented, for example.

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Interfaces that are included by default in ScriptRunner

A number of interfaces are already included by default in ScriptRunner Server. For example, ScriptRunner accesses users and groups from Active Directory and offers an interface for connecting external code management tools such as Git or VSC.

In general: all target systems that offer PowerShell modules can be served by ScriptRunner. You can find some examples in the ScriptRunner Server Guide. For thousands more visit the PowerShell Gallery.