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ScriptRunner Software Architecture

ScriptRunner Software Components

The ScriptRunner Powershell Management platform consists of several software components. The modular approach allows for great flexibility and makes ScriptRunner the all-in-one solution for fulfilling a variety of use cases in day to day IT administration.

ScriptRunner Server

This is where the magic happens: ScriptRunner Server is the heart of the ScriptRunner software platform that centrally manages, controls, monitors, and logs all your PowerShell activities.

About ScriptRunner Server

ScriptRunner Portal

ScriptRunner Portal is the user interface through which users can configure and interact with ScriptRunner Server, securely, comfortable and according to their user role, access level and skill.

About ScriptRunner Portal

ScriptRunner Connectors

ScriptRunner Connectors allow you to connect third-party systems to ScriptRunner Server to functionally enhance the ScriptRunner platform in order to achieve a fully automated IT infrastructure.

About ScriptRunner Connectors

ScriptRunner Software Architecture


ScriptRunner Server is the main component of ScriptRunner. All functionality for the controlled execution of PowerShell scripts, for delegation and automation as well as for reporting are located here.

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All PowerShell scripts that are used by ScriptRunner are stored and managed centrally in the script repository. A configurable directory on the ScriptRunner host is constantly monitored for changes and the scripts are parsed. Scripts can be uploaded to the repository or synchronized from an external code management branch such as Git, TFS or svn.

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ScriptRunner ISE Add-on is an extension for the classic PowerShell ISE. It enhances the editor with professional script development features and serves as connector to the ScriptRunner Server.

Per default, all target systems for which PowerShell modules are available can be operated with ScriptRunner, whether it be server/ clients/ storage, applications, services or other devices.

Target systems can be located on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid landscapes.

ScriptRunner Portal is the GUI through which users can configure and interact with ScriptRunner Server.

Different App views exist for different user roles, so that users can only access those features and resources they need to accomplish their tasks.

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With the help of ScriptRunner Connectors even targets for which no PowerShell modules exist can be integrated into ScriptRunner for seamless integration and automation of your IT infrastructure.

They also allow ScriptRunner to access Credentials stored on Password Servers and to save data like script execution reports on SQL databases for long-term storage.

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ScriptRunner Tools and Resources for Professional PowerShell Scripting

ScriptRunner ISE Add-on

Designed for smaller DevOps teams, the ScriptRunner ISE Add-on enhances the classic PowerShell ISE with professional script development features and serves as interface to the ScriptRunner Server.

ScriptRunner ISE Add-on >

ScriptRunner ActionPacks

ScriptRunner ActionPacks are PowerShell script collections that focus on a wide range of topics and use cases. They’re ready-to-use, written according to Microsoft Best Practices and most importantly: they’re free.

ScriptRunner ActionPacks >

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