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ScriptRunner Video Collection

Inside IT Automation

Learn from experienced IT automation experts. Hear their stories about PowerShell, automation, AI and more.

You can expect to learn about:

  • Advanced PowerShell techniques and best practices

  • The latest trends and innovations in IT automation

  • Real-world case studies and project highlights

  • Tips for streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity


Use Cases

Discover how you can easily automate your daily PowerShell tasks with ScriptRunner. Explore the already available use cases:

  • Create an Azure VM

  • Create an Out-of-Office Action

  • Create a new VMware VMs

  • Create a MS Teams Channel with ScriptRunner

  • Managing VMware VMs


ScriptRunner LIVE

This session is designed for IT decision makers seeking to elevate their enterprise IT automation strategies. Viewers can expect to learn about:

  • Unleash PowerShell for your Enterprise IT Automation Strategy

  • Level-Up Your IT Automation Game

  • Simplify Your Exchange (Online) Management

  • Create & modify PowerShell scripts with ScriptRunner and ChatGPT

  • Manage VMware like a Rockstar

ScriptRunner Basics

In this video series, our Head of Customer Success, Michael Gall, guides you through your first steps with ScriptRunner. Expect to learn about:

  • Installation & Basic Setup

  • Overview

  • Scripts

  • Credentials & Targets

  • Queries

  • Actions

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