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“The use of queries is a strong argument for ScriptRunner! You can give people or whole departments exactly the right choices, nothing more, nothing less.”


| Axel Haringa
| Senior IT Specialist
| Star-shl

Powerful Queries

ScriptRunner Queries are your ace up the sleeve. In the blink of an eye, a query allows you to quickly find users, groups, mailboxes, resources or any other data.
It doesn't get any easier than that.

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Selecting instead of typing

  • Data from any source:
    No matter if programmed queries, individually or pre-configured ones.  Everything is possible.
  • Configure and test in one:
    Configuring and immediately testing in one place – You can't get results any faster. 
  • Reusable:
    Create once, reuse over and over again. This allows you to implement use cases in no time.

Be it simple or complex  

  • You control what's available for selection: 
    You define what users can select. Cryptic technical terms disappear behind clear identifiers.      
  • Increase flexibility with variable input:
    You can use the same queries for different user groups or related use cases. 
  • Even more power: 
    Get even more data for script processing with a single click. Multi-attribute and cascading features can help you achieve this. 
Egal ob einfach oder komplex
Anwendernutzen sofort

Instant user benefits 

  • Simply assign and you're done:
    Simply assign the desired query to a PowerShell parameter in the script. Your use case is ready to go.   
  • Immediately for everyone:
    All users get the benefits of the query at once, whether in the portal or an application with an integrated widget. 
  • Customizing made easy:
    Use cases can change over time. You can customize the query or assign a different query. Without interruption for users. 

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