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ScriptRunner overview


Infinite automation options

  • Automate your tasks:
    Reproduce your daily IT activities efficiently and with little effort. Use secure delegation and self-services.

  • Run scripts with automated scheduling:
    Execute PowerShell scripts regularly and check the results flexibly.

  • Service and process automation:
    Integrate ScriptRunner into complex automation solutions. Manage workflows and automate your day-to-day business..

One platform, many possibilities

  • In your own on-premises environment:
    ScriptRunner adapts flexibly to single or multi-node environments, with ease of use and secure mobile access.

  • In the cloud or in hybrid scenarios:
    Continuously extend ScriptRunner in the cloud and in hybrid environments for seamless end-to-end automation in mid-size and large enterprises.

  • Azure tenant as automation hub:
    Build a centralized automation platform with ScriptRunner in Azure that combines Azure PaaS with the highest security for your data.


More than the sum of its parts

  • Holistic script automation:
    PowerShell automation is effective when a hub ensures consistent, secure, and interoperable work. With ScriptRunner, you are safe.

  • Seamless interaction and control:
    ScriptRunner enables fast and secure end-to-end automation by interacting with other platforms.

  • Added value through additional options:
    ScriptRunner adds value through a script collection, developer add-ons and additional features, starting with the script.

End-to-end automation needs integration

  • Integrate ScriptRunner:
    Easily integrate ScriptRunner into your infrastructure with connectors for authentication, cloud tenants, services and more.

  • Leverage your existing workflows with ScriptRunner:
    Execute tasks within your workflows, regardless of source or event.

  • Flexible front-end options:
    Access ScriptRunner in the browser, on the intranet, or through ticketing systems and service portals – you decide.


Always keep track of your automated activities

  • Real-time monitoring:
    Track script execution, including output and potential errors, across all instances and nodes in real time with the Live Monitor.

  • Complete overview:
    ScriptRunner provides detailed reports on each script, including execution environment and output, with options to view, send or download.

  • Change tracking:
    Track all changes to scripts and configurations to easily pass IT audits.

Scripting with AI support and templates

  • AI-powered scripting:
    Use ScriptRunner to efficiently write, extend, and create complex PowerShell scripts with AI support.

  • Templates and extensive script collection:
    Develop scripts from templates or access a collection of over 2,000 sample scripts for easy customization and deployment.

  • Integration with VSC, PowerShell ISE, and Git:
    Develop scripts in your favorite IDE with ScriptRunner extensions and professional teamwork via Git-based repository.


Automation – fail-safe and scalable at any time

  • High availability and security:
    ScriptRunner provides centralized, standardized and secure automation with high availability and traceability.

  • Scalable automation:
    The platform allows the simultaneous execution of many scripts and flexibly adapts to increasing requirements.

  • 24/7 fail-safe automation:
    ScriptRunner ScriptRunner ensures continuous, uninterrupted automation, ideal for multi-node environments.

A customized demo session – just for you

Schedule an online session with our product experts today to learn more about the leading all-in-one solution for PowerShell:

  • Automation with PowerShell scripts
  • Delegation of administrative tasks to help desk and end users
  • Standardization through scripting
  • Security through access control and secure credentials management
  • Centralization of all scripts and respective activity monitoring
  • Development of scripts in the team