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Email Notification Connectors

Create alerts

When it comes to troubleshooting IT infrastructure problems, time is key. You want to know what happens, when it happens and sometimes, the overview of the ScriptRunner Portal is just not enough.

With the Email Notification Connector, you can create automated notifications via email, triggered by an Action execution.

This way you’ll always stay on top of critical events in your IT infrastructure and are able to react quickly if necessary.

Notify your team

You want to keep your team informed about ScriptRunner Action results, even if they are not directly involved in the Action execution.

With the Email Notification Connector you can include them as recipients and send detailed information e. g. script execution metadata, success/error messages or just a custom message with a status update.

This way you keep everybody in the loop, even if they’re no ScriptRunner user.



  • Action completion
  • Successful Action execution
  • Erroneous Action execution



  • Persons
  • List of persons
  • Systems



  • Execution report metadata
  • Custom result/error message
  • PowerShell output message