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ScriptRunner is your leading platform
to streamline, automate and delegate
all enterprise IT management tasks
using PowerShell.


Enterprises and MSPs rely on ScriptRunner. They manage and automate their IT infrastructure with ScriptRunner - centrally, comprehensively and securely. Start with your first use case and get to smart end-2-end automation.

Your #1 for PowerShell Automation

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Eliminate routine.

Are you tired of spending long hours on boring, manual IT tasks? So you started writing PowerShell scripts to automate routines. But how do you properly manage your scripts and share all the assets with your team?

You already know it: There are better ways of streamlining processes and organizing repetitive tasks. Get it done!




Discover ScriptRunner!

Take a look at ScriptRunner. It is amazing how quickly and securely PowerShell scripts can get the job done. Goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks. Say hello to a stress-free workday with more meaningful, exciting work.

Do more of the things you really like and move IT operations forward.

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Smart automation.

From script chaos to automation in a smart way. A powerful platform is the best choice for this. ScriptRunner provides a no-code web UI, flexible queries, a script library and much more. Find out which smart functions you like the most.

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Simple delegation.

Once you have a task automated, you allow help desk or end users to trigger it. Delegation solves their problem. You don't have to grant access to the sensitive systems. It's all much simpler than you think. Just try it out.


Secure operation.

Security and safety are important? The strict separation of user and system access and policies ensure secure operation in all situations. Activities in ScriptRunner are fully auditable at all times. This is how you have everything under control.

Automation unlimited.

Comprehensive control.

All in one place.


ScriptRunner is designed to manage any system that is equipped with a PowerShell module. This compatibility encompasses an impressive variety of systems, services and devices. Including but not limited to Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft 365, VMware or AWS and other cloud services. Orchestrate all systems!


ScriptRunner Connectors further enhance the platform's capabilities by facilitating seamless integration with third-party applications, workflows and services, such as ServiceNow, Ivanti, Jira, Okta, SAP and many more. Connectors allow you to extend the automation beyond PowerShell environment.

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Start small.

Thanks to ScriptRunner's quick setup and intuitive operation, you can implement the first use cases on the first day. Start streamlining and automating your IT processes today using our user-friendly Portal and our extensive ready-to-use script library or your own, existing scripts. 

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Dream big.

You have endless possibilities for automation, limited only by your own imagination. ScriptRunner is easily expandable at any time, allowing you to add new user groups and applications or systems as needed. Step by step, grow into a fully automated environment. 

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