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The 'How to' of ICT automation - healthcare provider Hirslanden shows their transformation to streamlined & accelerated processes

The IT administration of organically grown hospital networks represents a major challenge. Different systems are located at different sites and different standards apply, which are usually managed decentrally. But how can IT processes be standardized in such a heterogeneous environment and designed to be efficient and user-friendly?

The healthcare provider Hirslanden relies on the mapping of standardized IT processes using PowerShell automation. In this way, they succeeded in creating a central IT automation system from many different isolated applications.

In this webinar, Hirslanden will show how they implemented their solution and achieved streamlined IT processes, high internal user satisfaction, and cost savings by automating their ICT processes using PowerShell actions.

This webinar is aimed at CIOs, IT Team Leads, IT Managers as well as IT administrators and DevOps.




We'll show you in this webinar:

  • The requirements, implementation and end result at Hirslanden using PowerShell actions.
  • Insights into the infrastructure setup, Git workflow and instance distribution as well as API interface to the ITSM system
  • Securely delegate administrative tasks to help desk teams and make them available as self-service to medical professionals
  • Ensuring quality and security


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