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VMUG Webcast - Manage your vSphere infrastructure like a rock star with PowerCLI

Managing vSphere environments can be challenging, but with the right automation solution it doesn't have to be. PowerShell and the PowerCLI module are great, but typically only used by scripting experts.

What if you could use PowerShell to not only standardize and automate your recurring management tasks, but also delegate them to help desk teams and even create self-services for end users based on your scripts?

This would allow you to empower these users to manage snapshots, reconfigure VMs, stop/start their VMs, or generate infrastracture reports.



Of course, not everyone is comfortable with the command-line, and you certainly don't want to give these users privileged access to your VMware environment.

So what does it take to automate and delegate your recurring tasks efficiently and securely in your organization with PowerShell?

🎯 Centralized script and module management
🔐 Secure credential and permission handling
✨ Auto-creation of user-friendly web forms
👍 Flexible and secure delegation
⏰ Interactive, scheduled and event-driven script execution
🔎 Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

In this session, you'll learn how it all works and how ScriptRunner can help you turn PowerShell and PowerCLI into an enterprise-class automation solution.

Expect lots of demos 😉.

We look forward to welcoming you as a webinar participant!


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