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VMUG Webcast - Unlock the Power of PowerCLI and Simplify vSphere Management

Would you like to standardize, automate and delegate vSphere administration tasks? The PowerCLI PowerShell module is a good starting point. Creating new VMs, managing snapshots and changing VM configurations are just a few examples of recurring to-dos where PowerShell can help to simplify VSphere administration.

Imagine you could delegate these tasks to junior admins, helpdesk teams and even end users in a secure and easy way. Now, of course, not everyone is a scripting expert and has access to your vSphere servers and priveleged permissions.

This webinar is aimed at administrators, IT and DevOps professionals, PowerShell developers and IT managers.


ScriptRunner is the solution! With ScriptRunner you turn PowerCLI and PowerShell in general into a secure and easy management platform for your IT administration.

How? Well, in five steps:

🎯 Centralizing script and module management

🔐 Secure credential and permission handling

 Auto-creation of end-user friendly web forms

👍 Flexible and secure delegation of recurring tasks

 Interactive, scheduled and event-driven script execution


What’s the result?

All repetitive, boring and time-consuming vSphere and other management tasks can be standardized, automated and delegated to helpdesk teams and even end users.

Best of all, these users don’t need PowerShell know-how or have access to your vSphere enviroments. They don’t even need to know that PowerShell exists. It’s just a matter of getting the job done, and ScriptRunner takes care of the rest.

In this session, we will show you how it all works and how you and your organization can benefit from the combination of PowerCLI, PowerShell and ScriptRunner.

We look forward to welcoming you as a webinar participant!


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