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Automate inventory and reporting

Reports generated automatically and at the push of a button

You need to run reports on systems on a regular basis to obtain status, usage and other information and to obtain data for billing, capacity planning and migrations. Detailed and up-to-date reporting is also required for troubleshooting.

How would it be if you could generate the same reports automatically, time-controlled and at the push of a button – parallel on several systems. Or if you could, for example, generate billing data from several Office 365 clients for your customers in one go?
And all of this automatically prepared in the form of a clear HTML page?

Watch the video to see how you can easily do this with ScriptRunner and save time.

HTML Result Messages and customizable HTML Reports


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Your requirements

You want to regularly create evaluations of systems, applications and databases. You want to format the raw data and prepare it for further processing by other applications and systems. You also want to merge data from different sources or update data. You want to automate these tasks and at the same time complete them ad hoc at the push of a button.

  • Regular evaluations from different data sources
  • Preparation for further processing
  • Update stored data
  • Automatic and ad hoc at the push of a button
  • Securely delegate to the service desk and department

What ScriptRunner can do

ScriptRunner allows the automation and secure delegation of tasks with PowerShell scripts. The execution of the inventory and reporting scripts is controlled by guidelines for scheduling and ad hoc use. Customizable scripts in our ActionPacks make it easy to get started. Different data sources are accessed with ScriptRunner queries and extensions. When delegating, users work with their normal user account.

  • Integrated functions for scheduling and ad hoc requirements
  • Customizable reporting scripts in the ActionPacks or individual scripts
  • Secure delegation of tasks to the service desk or department
  • Additional functions with ScriptRunner Extensions

The benefit to you

The creation of evaluations from different sources, the preparation of the data for further processing and the updating of data becomes significantly less labor-intensive. You can also use the actions for ad hoc requests or even delegate them. You relieve yourself of less productive tasks, can react immediately and your colleagues and the departments can always access the latest data.

  • Reduction of processing and throughput times for reporting and inventory
  • Better distribution of responsibilities between IT teams and departments with less interdependence
  • Exploitation of extensive efficiency potentials and fewer errors
  • Greater security and transparency throughout the entire process