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Manage Azure AD and Microsoft 365 simply and securely

Manage Microsoft Online Services securely

You are familiar with the administration possibilities of the Microsoft 365 Web GUI – complex and often there are no setting possibilities in the GUI for users, groups, mailboxes and services.

The answer is: Use PowerShell!
It would be even better if you could easily use the various settings in your browser. In addition, help desk or end user should be able to make changes to selected settings in their area of responsibility. Or automate with workflows without undermining security – comprehensibly and transparently.

Available for M365 and Microsoft Azure AD


MVP Adam Bertram shows: Use ScriptRunner to create a GUI for PowerShell scripts



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Your requirements

You want to have users, groups, roles, and settings and options in Azure AD and Microsoft 365 Online Services managed by the service desk or department representative. You want to implement automation for Office without administrative roles in Azure AD and Microsoft 365 being required for the help desk and departments.

  • Manage Azure AD for users, groups, roles, rights, etc.
  • Manage Exchange Online for mailboxes, distribution lists, out-of-office and much more
  • Manage SharePoint Online and Skype4Business Online
  • Secure delegation of these tasks to the service desk or representatives of the department
  • Only for assigned subareas
  • No administrative rights to the services required

Our solution

ScriptRunner allows you to securely delegate and automate tasks with PowerShell in Office 365 and Azure. Running PowerShell scripts on the Online Services is controlled by policies. Customizable PowerShell scripts for managing Microsoft Online Services are included in our ActionPack for Microsoft 365.

  • Special functions for Microsoft Online Services
  • Free PowerShell scripts from our ActionPack for Microsoft 365 and Azure AD
  • Convenient selection of users, groups, mailboxes, roles, services etc.
  • Easy creation of reports
  • Multi-tenant capability for Microsoft 365
  • Secure delegation to help desk or representatives in the department
  • Fast automation with connectors for ITSM and workflow systems

The benefit to you

All custom configurations and management of Microsoft Online Services with PowerShell. You build a custom-made admin cockpit for M365 and now securely delegate daily tasks and changes to authorized third parties in the help desk or specialized department. You can automatically manage multiple Microsoft 365 tenants at the same time or generate reports. Automating tasks with ITSM or workflow systems ensures maximum efficiency. Full security and compliance are guaranteed at all times.

  • Microsoft 365 settings are managed by the help desk or within the departments themselves
  • Faster response times and better compliance with SLAs for end users
  • High security standard due to the separation of rights and guidelines for delegation
  • The highest efficiency due to automation with ITSM or workflow systems