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Delegate AD user and group administration

The correct management of users and groups in Microsoft Active Directory is a key security criterion in IT administration.
Although its importance, this task is oftentimes perceived as tedious and time-consuming.

The PowerShell Active Directory module makes things easier for IT administrators by enabling them to perform various tasks and processes based on scripts.
With ScriptRunner, you can now even delegate these kinds of tasks securely to administrators without PowerShell knowledge, help desk staff and endusers.

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Josh King shows: Manage user properties in Active Directory with ScriptRunner



Manage AD user accounts and groups securely and conveniently

Delegation of tasks to help desk and end users

  • Allows users without PowerShell or scripting know how to manage AD groups and their memberships
  • No administrative rights to the AD required
  • Only for assigned subareas and OUs in the Active Directory
  • Users may only change selected user properties

Controlled execution of PowerShell scripts

Complete reporting and traceability of all scripts

  • ScriptRunner’s Admin App not only lets you set up delegation and automation, but also gives you a complete reporting of all executed scripts
  • Includes ready-made, customizable scripts in the ScriptRunner ActionPacks for Active Directory and Office 365


Heiko Brenn

Product Expert


With the joint forces of PowerShell and ScriptRunner, changes to AD users, groups and rights can be securely delegated to authorized third parties.
You are relieved of boring and tedious routine tasks. Sounds good? Then start today!

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