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Sensor + actuator = monitoring event automation

Sensors detect

Monitoring systems use sensors to monitor your IT infrastructure, such as network devices, servers, applications or services and, in future, IoT infrastructures. They report irregularities and alert you to critical conditions or failures. All this information is consolidated and visualized in one console. More and more intelligence in detection requires automation for troubleshooting and problem solving.

Actuators react

Reliable sensor technology requires powerful actuators – that’s how we get to the point. What if you no longer have to react manually to the messages in the monitoring alarm center, but are able to use a partially or fully automatic reaction for regular, similar events, with full traceability in the sensor-actuator chain and in compliance with the highest security requirements?





“With the ScriptRunner and PowerShell solution and their integration into our PRTG monitoring environment, we are now also automating complex control loops in the managed service. This reduces the costs of IT operations and ensures quality increases in our administration and support tasks vis-à-vis our customers.”


Andreas Engmann

Senior Systems Engineer VINTIN Services GmbH

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Your requirements

You monitor your infrastructure with reliable monitoring. Warnings, error messages, etc. appear on the monitoring console. You want to be able to react to regular and recurring alarms with automated actuators. The actuators should be able to react partially or fully automatically when approved by an administrator.

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic reaction to recurring events in the monitoring of systems and devices
  • Simple coupling of monitoring sensors and the selected actuators
  • The highest security and protection against unauthorized access to the system or individual actuators
  • Traceability and transparency of triggered reactions across the entire sensor-actuator chain

Our solution

ScriptRunner allows direct execution of scripts on remote systems and devices. The execution of the scripts is triggered by the monitoring system and controlled by appropriate guidelines. Customizable scripts in our Automation Packs or individual actuator scripts realize the desired functions. The coupling and integration with the respective monitoring system is carried out via Web Service Connectors.

  • Customizable scripts from the Automation Packs or individual actuator scripts
  • Controlled triggering of script execution by the monitoring systems
  • Secure execution of the actuator scripts partially automated with approval or fully automated by the system
  • Coupling and integration via ScriptRunner Web Service Connectors
  • Complete reporting along the entire chain from trigger to result
  • Definable result feedback to the monitoring system

The benefit to you

The combination of sensors and actuators allows you to achieve unprecedented efficiency in monitoring, fault detection and response in the infrastructure. You can significantly expand automation from detection and reporting to reaction to events and can thus define and implement independent, self-controlling control loops. As a result, you significantly reduce the number and effort required for manual interventions.

  • Scripts are centrally stored and organized
  • Execution and control of the actuators by a central solution
  • Generic use of actuator scripts on groups of systems, individual systems, sensor types, groups or individual sensors
  • Unified system for automation with the same scripts and policies for interactive, scheduled or event-driven use
  • Complete reporting and traceability with the functions for long-term storage and auditing