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Manage Microsoft Teams like a Rockstar with PowerShell & ScriptRunner

The Microsoft PowerShell module for Teams lets you automate and simplify a lot of management tasks.

For example:

  • Pushing messages to Teams cannels
  • Finding Teams with no owners
  • Bulk creation/deletion/archiving of Teams
  • Adding/removing channels/users in all/selected Teams
  • Managing security settings in all/selected Teams
  • Creating reports of your current Teams infrastructure

This webinar is aimed at administrators, IT and DevOps professionals, PowerShell developers and IT managers.


We'll show you in this webinar:

  • The options of the current Teams PowerShell module
  • How ScriptRunner allows you to save time by delegating tasks to helpdesk teams and even end-users
  • Take a look at our ready-to-use PowerShell scripts
  • The centralized management of all PowerShell components like scripts, modules, credentials
  • How you can automatically turn every script into an easy-to-use web form

We look forward to welcoming you as a webinar participant!


The webinar has already ended. However, we have recorded it for you!


Please note that you will need to confirm your email address during the registration process via email to receive the recording.

Participation in all our webinars is free of charge.