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ScriptRunner – Fast results, high benefits

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The costs for daily administration tasks with a routine character are still very high in many IT departments. This concerns both duration and scope. Studies by renowned companies show the causes: too little delegation and automation. With ScriptRunner, fast results are achieved exactly in these cases and a high benefit for all participants is generated.



Fast results – ScriptRunner pays off

With the help of automation and delegation, it is possible to perform many more standard operations in less time. With our ScriptRunner Action Packs, PowerShell script collections for typical routine tasks, you get an effective quick start aid at hand. You can immediately display routine tasks, delegate them and thus complete them faster. According to our experience, ScriptRunner allows you to achieve rapidly progressing results right from the start:

  • avoid an average of 50 to 250 hours of development time, depending on the initial situation with the Action Packs
  • time gain of two to four hours per administrator and week due to 100% reproducibility of tasks with scripts
  • time gain of three to five hours per administrator and week by delegating tasks to the service desk or within IT teams
  • additional time gain by avoiding setup times for interruptions, for reworking and additional error corrections

All in all, many small savings result in a considerable gain in productivity. As a result, administrators and other IT staff have more hours available for relevant projects. Additional benefits include higher service quality, shorter response times and better compliance with SLAs. The more use cases that are implemented with ScriptRunner, the higher the potential that is used and the earlier the return on investment can be achieved. On average, our customers realize 10-15 use cases within half a year of starting with ScriptRunner. Thus, they realize a return on investment within 6 – 9 months. Depending on the number of additional use cases and the timing of the implementation with ScriptRunner, this period can be shorter.


High benefit – lasting efficiency gains

With the introduction of ScriptRunner in your operations, you immediately benefit from our best practices. The quick and easy implementation without additional project effort, the use of our ScriptRunner Action Packs and the focus on the operational trouble spots enables a quick cost reduction per task or process. You can continuously expand the solution step by step, taking simultaneous advantage of any progress immediately. With ScriptRunner, your total costs for recurring tasks and processes are permanently reduced and you will achieve sustainable efficiency gains. Investments in ScriptRunner and the implementation of use cases thus have a quick and positive effect on the total costs for routine tasks. The efficiency gain from a “business as usual” and a scenario with ScriptRunner is urgently needed in the IT operational organizations of our customers for innovative projects or other activities. Depending on the size of the company and the use cases that can be implemented, the efficiency potential with ScriptRunner varies. The fast development of “low hanging fruits” combined with a continuous application as well as the focus on the real “pain points” of administrators guarantees fast results and a high benefit with ScriptRunner. Our customers confirm again and again our bottom-up approach with ScriptRunner: “There is no comparable and well thought-out solution for PowerShell that pays off as quickly as ScriptRunner.” You would like to know what potential your company can tap into with ScriptRunner? Please contact us directly. You will receive a calculation individually tailored to your case.


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