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Get ready for "Inside IT Automation" – the new podcast for all things automation

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Get ready for "Inside IT Automation". Learn more about our new podcast series. 

The realm of IT automation is about to get a fresh voice with the upcoming launch of "Inside IT Automation", a podcast series that promises to ignite the passion of IT professionals, PowerShell enthusiasts, automation architects, and IT decision-makers alike. This series will dive deep into the transformative power of automation in the IT landscape, focusing on PowerShell and beyond to bring you the insights, strategies, and stories that matter.


What can you expect from "Inside IT Automation"?

"Inside IT Automation" is not just another tech podcast; it's a journey into the heart of IT automation, designed to explore the depth and breadth of automating IT operations. From the intricacies of scripting in PowerShell to the strategic implementation of automation across IT infrastructures, this podcast is poised to be the go-to resource for anyone looking to enhance their IT automation game.


Why you should listen to "Inside IT Automation"

Are you an IT professional looking to streamline your workflows? A PowerShell aficionado aiming to master the art of automation? An automation architect crafting the future of IT operations? Or an IT decision-maker seeking insights on leveraging automation for business growth? If so, "Inside IT Automation" is tailored for you.


Sneak Peek: What to expect

You will learn from leading IT automation experts and valuable community members. It's the place to unlock the potential of PowerShell, discover new automation ideas and hear real-world stories of automation projects that made a significant impact on businesses and careers. 



Mark your calendars!

"Inside IT Automation" is gearing up for its grand unveiling, and you won't want to miss a single episode. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply looking for some new IT inspiration, this podcast will be a perfect fit for you.


How to stay updated

We're just as excited as you are and can't wait to share more details. To stay updated on the launch and other announcements, make sure to follow us on YouTube and subscribe to our ScriptRunner newsletter. "Inside IT Automation" is more than a podcast—it's your next step towards mastering IT automation.



Get ready to transform the way you think about IT automation. "Inside IT Automation" is coming soon, and the future of IT is automated!


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