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Interview: ScriptRunner – the #1 for PowerShell management

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Last year, ScriptRunner celebrated its fifth birthday. As a pioneer in the PowerShell management solutions market, this was a significant moment for the team. Together we looked back and reflected on what has significantly shaped our thoughts and actions over the past 5 years. Likewise, we look into the future and examine what moves our customers in the coming period.

In this interview, ScriptRunner Managing Director Frank Kresse comments on the new ScriptRunner positioning and explains why ScriptRunner is not only the first platform, but also the #1 platform for PowerShell management.


What makes ScriptRunner the #1 for PowerShell management?

In our past history, we have often found that the way we approach problems and find a solution has never been done before. To do so, we have always had to break new ground, both conceptually and technologically.

As an example I would like to mention the UI of our Delegate & Self-Service App. ScriptRunner automatically creates graphical user interfaces from PowerShell scripts. Every script customization leads immediately to the UI customization. This allows the development of scripts to fully concentrate on the actual use case.

This saves a lot of time that IT teams would otherwise have to spend on developing and maintaining their own solutions. At the same time, ScriptRunner enables laymen to work with PowerShell as well.

We have close contact to our customers, who show us again and again what they implement with ScriptRunner. This is very impressive and also very inspiring. It shows us that the approach we have chosen is exactly the right one. It enables our customers to implement automation in many small steps and to achieve success quickly. This distinguishes us from many other IT automation solutions.


What does this positioning mean for the ScriptRunner team?

In the course of advancing our positioning, we have also taken our customer portfolio into account. We have become aware that we have many customers who are also #1 in their own segment.

The results of our customer surveys as well as various evaluations and test results by independent third parties complete the picture: So far, we are always close to the highest possible levels. In our eyes, this is a result of continuous work and evolution.

In our view, innovation must first and foremost be very useful for the user. In order for it to be so, we must constantly question existing concepts and solutions. Complexity does not necessarily mean complicated. It is always simple things that are successful. A simple tile in our Web App can hide a complex automation scenario. All this together is the benchmark for our claim to a #1 position. And this is what we compete for as a team every day.


What can customers expect from ScriptRunner in the future?

The further development of the ScriptRunner product is of course the most important thing for our customers. They want to automate much more with ScriptRunner, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them.

One focus in this context is the further development of the ScriptRunner Web Apps. Our goal is to improve the user experience in order to optimally support ScriptRunner users in their work. All the experience we have gained over the years is incorporated into this project.

The use of new technologies is also an important point. The second focus is the deeper integration of ScriptRunner with cloud services, Azure AD and future operational aspects. We are observing that the use of cloud solutions for communication and collaboration within and between companies is clearly and rapidly growing. Even in industries and organizations that have been very reluctant to do so.

Finally, we will continue to invest in the platform capability of ScriptRunner. To this end, we want to implement a new approach by the end of 2020 that will allow us to scale in a farm. Furthermore, we want to support the requirements of a distributed management environment even better.


What is your relationship with the PowerShell community?

Looking back, from the very beginning it was important for us to be closely connected to the PowerShell community and be an active part of it. That’s why we support PowerShell user groups and events by sponsoring as well as by joint activities and by providing know-how. This commitment is part of our identity, and we will strengthen it in the future.


If you personally look back and forward, what do you think is the key to success?

To create something new from an idea, to build a company on it and to bring it on a growth path and to keep it is a very fulfilling job. To continue on this path and to build on what has been achieved is challenging. It is certainly to my advantage that ScriptRunner is not the first company I have accompanied on this path.

However, the most important factor for our success is based on the entire ScriptRunner team, without exception, today and in the future. It gives me great pleasure to work with a highly competent and dedicated team. That means a lot to me.


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