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Tackling complex IT automation challenges in diverse IT landscapes

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In today's digital era, IT departments face increasing challenges, including managing complex, aging infrastructures and ensuring data security amidst rising cyber threats. As businesses expand, the need for scalable IT operations becomes critical, necessitating advanced automation tools and strategies to handle growing demands efficiently while maintaining compliance with evolving regulations.


ScriptRunner customer BEIT

BEIT GmbH is part of the MERKUR GROUP, an international family-owned entertainment and leisure company founded in 1957. As a full-service IT provider, BEIT manages a large number of employees and a wide range of IT systems, reflecting the group's long history of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.


Challenges at BEIT prior to implementing ScriptRunner


Navigating a complex IT environment

Before implementing ScriptRunner, BEIT faced significant challenges managing a complex and multifaceted IT infrastructure. As part of the MERKUR GROUP, BEIT's IT systems had evolved organically over decades, resulting in a patchwork of old and new technologies that lacked cohesion and streamlined functionality. The primary challenge was to modernize and simplify this legacy system without disrupting ongoing operations or incurring excessive consultancy fees.


Strategic decisions in user management

The initial 3,000 user accounts where somewhat manageable manually, but with rapidly growing numbers, a scalable solution was needed to manage increasing complexity and user accounts without proportionally increasing the IT staff or the associated costs. The options were clear: expand the workforce or innovate through automation.




Curious to see how BEIT tackled these challenges with ScriptRunner?

Learn how BEIT overcame these challenges through the strategic implementation of ScriptRunner, transforming their IT operations into a model of efficiency and innovation. Explore the full case study, where you can explore in-depth how ScriptRunner facilitated BEIT's journey towards streamlined operations and enhanced IT management.

Dive deeper into their journey by reading the full case study



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