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Securely manage mailboxes and distribution lists

Adjustments are necessary

Mailbox volume adjustments, absence management, changed settings for mail retrieval, sharing and locking for mobile devices, and updating distribution lists occur frequently and on demand. All tasks that could be completed faster and easier and that would be suitable for delegation. Unfortunately, administrative rights to Exchange Server are required for this.

Perform and delegate changes securely

What if the service desk or the departments themselves could make changes to selected mailbox properties, absence management, and distribution lists without requiring elevated rights to Exchange Server? Of course, it would only be the mailboxes and distribution lists that fall under their responsibility – traceable and transparent.

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“With the ScriptRunner and PowerShell solution and their integration into our PRTG monitoring environment, we are now also automating complex control loops in the managed service. This reduces the costs of IT operations and ensures quality increases in our administration and support tasks vis-à-vis our customers.”


Andreas Engmann

Senior Systems Engineer VINTIN Services GmbH

Your requirements

You want to have mailbox properties and distribution lists managed by representatives of the departments, the help desk, or sub-administrators. No administrative rights on the Exchange Server should be required. You have the following requirements:

  • Manage mailbox properties such as absence management, mail retrieval, mail format, etc.
  • Manage distribution lists
  • Secure delegation of these tasks to the help desk or representatives of the department
  • Only for assigned mailboxes or users from Active Directory
  • No administrative rights to Exchange Server required

Our solution

ScriptRunner allows the secure delegation of tasks with Exchange PowerShell. The execution of the scripts is controlled by guidelines. Customizable scripts for managing mailbox properties and distribution lists are included in our ActionPack for Exchange and Office 365. Additional functions for selecting users, mailboxes, distribution lists and settings ensure convenient use.

  • Scripts from our ActionPack for Exchange and Office 365
  • Display and change mailbox properties, distribution lists, etc.
  • Convenient selection of users, mailboxes, distributors and rights
  • Secure delegation to the help desk or department

The benefit to you

You can now securely delegate changes to mailbox settings, distribution lists, etc. to authorized third parties. The tasks are completed faster and easier. You have full control and transparency and relieve yourself of routine tasks. Data protection and compliance for personal mailboxes are fully preserved.

  • Mailbox properties, distribution lists and substitutions are managed in the help desk or in the departments themselves
  • Convenient application through simple selection of mailboxes, users and distributors
  • Faster response times and better compliance with SLAs in user and group management
  • High security standard due to the separation of rights and guidelines for delegation


Heiko Brenn



Automating routine tasks like creating new mailboxes or managing distribution lists will save you time and nerves.

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