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Creating an Out-of-Office Action

Unplanned absences, like business trips, illness or else can happen any time. Sometimes colleagues go on vacation and forget to activate their Out-of-Office Assistant in Outlook. Even if an employee leaves the company, a suitable message to their business contacts certainly makes sense.

With ScriptRunner, representatives or the help desk can easily and securely activate the Out-of-Office message on their behalf. Of course without the assignment of administrative rights and access to their personal mailbox.

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Video: Creating an Out-of-Office Action



Activate Absence Messages and Other Auto-Replies on Someone’s Behalf

Delegate auto-reply settings to representatives

  • Secure delegation to representatives or help desk without administrative rights
  • Thanks to ScriptRunner Portal, PowerShell scripts can be executed via web browser
  • Absences can be activated/deactivated at any time without the help of administrators

Fool-proof and secure script execution

  • Conforms with data protection and compliance: No access needed to the personal mailbox of the person concerned
  • ScriptRunner turns your PowerShell scripts automatically into input forms – no PowerShell know how needed!
  • Provide predefined texts and templates for various absence cases as well as policies for script execution

Complete reporting and traceability of all scripts

  • Access to scripts & credentials is restricted by user roles
  • Full reporting on all PowerShell-related activity in your organization
  • Customizable HTML-reports


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ScriptRunner ActionPack for Microsoft Exchange Online

ScriptRunner ActionPack for Microsoft Exchange Online

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