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Manage printers and print jobs

Everyday printing problems

Problems with print servers, access to printers and print jobs are a constant issue. Reorganization, relocations, function changes and labor turnover ensure constant movement in printer assignments and authorizations. This is your daily challenge.  The migration of queues and print servers also involves a great deal of effort.

Transforming support and management

What if you could get rid of the daily annoying activities associated with printing? Printer setup and management of print permissions and default settings on printers are ideal for delegation to the service desk or the departments themselves. The same goes for managing print jobs. All this without the need for administrative rights to the print server or Active Directory. Of course, it would only be for printers, user accounts and groups that fall under the corresponding responsibility – always traceable and transparent.




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Your requirements

You want to have printer permissions, properties, and print jobs managed by the service desk or by department representatives. No administrative rights to the print servers or Active Directory should be required. In addition, you want a significant relief during printer setups and print server migrations during server updates or infrastructure relocations.

  • Manage print permissions, settings and print jobs, setting up and changing printers
  • Secure delegation of these tasks to the service desk representative or the department
  • Only for assigned printers, users and groups
  • Simplification of print server migrations
  • No administrative rights to print server or Active Directory required

Our solution

ScriptRunner allows the secure delegation of tasks with PowerShell scripts. The execution of the scripts is controlled by guidelines. Customizable scripts for managing print servers, printers, their default settings, print permissions and print jobs are part of our Action Pack for Print Management. Additional functions for selecting servers, printers, users, groups and rights provide for a comfortable application.

  • Scripts from the Action Pack for Print Management and PowerShell scripts from manufacturers and for add-on products
  • Display and change printer properties, permissions, jobs and rights
  • Create and set up printers, easy migration of entire print servers
  • Convenient selection of file servers, printers, permissions, print jobs, users, groups and rights

The benefit to you

You can now safely delegate daily routine printing tasks to authorized third parties. You will be relieved of less demanding tasks. The tasks are completed faster and more efficiently by the service desk and department. You retain full control and transparency.

  • Printer properties and print permissions are kept up to date in service desk or departments
  • Convenient application for the users through simple selection options
  • Faster response times and better compliance with user SLAs
  • High security standard due to the separation of rights and guidelines for delegation
  • Less time spent on print server migrations