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Password Reset, Unblock, (De-)Activate Accounts

An age-old dilemma in IT operations

It's a common occurrence – users frequently forget their passwords while on vacation or make repeated login errors, resulting in their user accounts being locked. Additionally, there's the constant need to activate or deactivate ad hoc user accounts or temporarily unlock them. These seemingly minor tasks consume your valuable time, making them perfect for delegation.

Effortlessly accomplished with a single click

Imagine the immense relief you would feel as an administrator if the help desk or departments could independently manage passwords and user accounts. The responsibility of activating/deactivating user accounts could also be seamlessly transferred to the capable hands of the help desk.

Available for Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory


Screenshot: Input form of an action for resetting a user password in ScriptRunner Portal

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Your needs

You desire a seamless solution that allows for effortless password resets, user account unlocking, and activation/deactivation of accounts for specified durations with just a simple click. Whether it's representatives from different departments, the help desk, or end users themselves, they should have the power to accomplish these tasks without any intervention needed from you. No administrative privileges in the Active Directory will be necessary.

  • Delegation to the help desk, representatives, or end users
  • Password resets made easy
  • Unlocking user accounts
  • Activation of user accounts, including defined time periods, deactivation, and deletion of accounts
  • No need for administrative rights in the Active Directory

Our solution

Our innovative solution, ScriptRunner, empowers you to securely delegate tasks using PowerShell scripts. With strict adherence to guidelines, you have complete control over script execution. Our comprehensive ActionPack for Active Directory and Office 365 includes customizable scripts for effortless password resets, user unlocking, account activation, deactivation, and deletion. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of user selection features that ensure a seamless experience.

  • Scripts from our ActionPack for Active Directory and Office 365
  • Convenient selection of assigned user accounts
  • Action at the push of a button in the browser
  • Secure delegation to the help desk or representatives

The benefit to you

Say goodbye to the monotonous cycle of "Groundhog Day". Now, you have the power to confidently delegate the mundane tasks of resetting, unlocking, activating, and deactivating to trusted third parties. This liberates you and your team from the clutches of boredom, as these tasks are now swiftly and efficiently completed.

  • Task is carried out by the help desk or in the departments themselves
  • Faster response times and better compliance with SLAs
  • Noticeable relief in day-to-day operation
  • High security standard due to the separation of rights and guidelines for delegation

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