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Password Reset, Unblock, (De-)Activate Accounts

A classic in IT operations

It happens almost daily – users have forgotten their password on vacation or have logged in incorrectly too often, so that the user account has been locked. You also have to activate or deactivate ad hoc user accounts again or unlock them just for a period of time. All the smallest tasks that take up your time and are naturally ideal for delegation.

Done at the touch of a button

It would be a great relief for you as an administrator if the help desk or the departments could manage the passwords and user accounts themselves. Activating/deactivating user accounts would also be a task for the help desk.

Available for Microsoft Active Directory and Azure Active Directory


Screenshot: Input form of an action for resetting a user password in ScriptRunner Portal

“We never expected that it would be possible to install, configure, familiarize ourselves with and directly implement two use cases in such a complex topic within two hours. This impressed us quite a lot and made the decision easy for us, as we have already realized the first benefits directly.”
Ingolstadt Hospital
IT Manager

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Your requirements

You want to enable the resetting of passwords, the unlocking of user accounts and the activation and deactivation of user accounts for defined periods of time at the push of a button. Representatives of the departments, the help desk or end users can do this immediately without your intervention. No administrative rights to the Active Directory should be required.

  • Delegation to help desk, representatives or end users
  • Resetting passwords
  • Unlocking user accounts
  • Activation of user accounts, even for defined periods, deactivation and deletion of user accounts
  • No administrative rights to the Active Directory required

Our solution

ScriptRunner allows the secure delegation of tasks with PowerShell scripts. The execution of the scripts is controlled by guidelines. Customizable scripts for resetting passwords, unlocking users, activating, deactivating and deleting user accounts are included in our ActionPack for Active Directory and Office 365. Additional functions for selecting the user provide a comfortable handling.

  • Scripts from our ActionPack for Active Directory and Office 365
  • Convenient selection of assigned user accounts
  • Action at the push of a button in the browser
  • Secure delegation to the help desk or representatives

The benefit to you

“Groundhog Day” is a thing of the past. You can now safely delegate resetting, unlocking, activation and deactivation to authorized third parties. This relieves you and your team of the most boring routine tasks ever. The task is now completed directly and faster.

  • Task is carried out by the help desk or in the departments themselves
  • Faster response times and better compliance with SLAs
  • Noticeable relief in day-to-day operation
  • High security standard due to the separation of rights and guidelines for delegation