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Administration, Automation and Delegation of Daily Tasks with PowerShell

  • Automation, Delegation & Monitoring with PowerShell
  • Creates freedom in IT operations
  • Designed for Administrators and DevOps Engineers

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Centralize all PowerShell Assets

ScriptRunner is the central repository for your scripts, modules, credentials, and everything PowerShell. This way, you can be sure that the latest version of a script is always in use and that every team member has access to the PowerShell resources they need.

ScriptRunner thus improves the efficiency and reproducibility of your tasks and along the way creates a complete and audit-ready documentation of your IT processes.

Even if you are still in the process of building your script collection, we’ll give you a hand. In our ActionPacks you will find more than 1500 free PowerShell scripts with which you can cover typical use cases in IT operations

Illustration of a laptop showing the ScriptRunner portal entry page.

Automate Routine IT Tasks

Routine tasks are boring time-eaters, be it support cases, recurring problems or the requirements that arise in normal IT operations.

You can automate many of these tasks and processes with PowerShell, and with ScriptRunner you can do it even without in-depth scripting knowledge and in no time. With our Connectors you can seamlessly integrate ScriptRunner into your existing IT and achieve a fully automated IT environment.

No matter if scheduled or event-based tasks: ScriptRunner is your central automation platform.


Delegate Administrative IT Tasks

Leverage the power of PowerShell across your entire organization! Delegate administrative tasks to the team members who are best equipped to handle them – regardless of whether they have PowerShell knowledge or not.

The ScriptRunner Portal GUI makes it easy for help desk and end users to take advantage of PowerShell, simply from their web browser. With the Portal Widget, you can even integrate individual ScriptRunner actions into your intranet or other websites.

ScriptRunner’s security concept guarantees the complete separation of user roles from the permissions for scripts, modules, credentials and target systems. So nothing can go wrong, and you have everything under control!

Symbolic representation of ScriptRunner's delegation principle

Make PowerShell End User-Friendly

PowerShell already meets many of the requirements that IT pros expect from tools. However, a lack of PowerShell know-how often prevents its widespread use.

On the other hand, graphical interfaces are also not the ideal way to solve IT tasks, as they require long click paths and often limit editing options.

ScriptRunner combines the best of both worlds while eliminating the PowerShell know-how bottleneck. Actions based on PowerShell scripts can be executed by users without PowerShell knowledge. Simply by using the automatically generated input forms in the ScriptRunner Portal.

Ensure Security for Both Users and Systems

Your help desk should take over certain tasks, but is not allowed to do so because privileged accounts are needed? ScriptRunner Portal allows you to delegate individual tasks to help desk and end-users, with all that entails.

ScriptRunner implements a security concept that prevents uncontrolled and direct access to systems with PowerShell – as recommended by security experts. The erroneous execution of scripts on the wrong systems is thus impossible. You avoid downtime, rework and the violation of SLAs.

Your credentials are also secure: passwords and credentials required for script execution are not stored locally in the scripts, but centrally in the Windows Credential Store. With Password Server Connectors, you can also access password servers such as those from Thycotic, CyberArk, and Pleasant.

Schematic representation of the ScriptRunner security concept. The diagram shows nested ovals. The innermost oval depicts the IT system level. The surrounding oval represents ScriptRunner Server as well as the script repository and the credentials store. Only ScriptRunner Server has a direct connection to the system level. In the outermost oval, figures for end user and administrator are shown. The administrator has a connection to the ScriptRunner Server, but can also access Script Repositiory and Credentials Store. The end user can only access ScriptRunner Server.

Monitor and Analyze

Scheduled housekeeping processes (e.g. archiving and deleting log files weekly) often run in a decentralized manner without monitoring, i.e. if something goes wrong, no one notices and problem-solving is tedious and time-consuming.

With the Reports App ScriptRunner provides a central portal to monitor, access and manage all PowerShell related activities. At the same time, it improves the quality and timeliness of system data by retrieving it directly from target systems.

Script execution itself is also logged in a complete, centralized, quickly viewable and filterable manner. You can track what happened where and when, and by whom it was triggered. You can export the execution reports or make them available to your team members as HTML reports.

Want to know how efficient ScriptRunner makes you? In the Efficiency Dashboard of the ScriptRunner portal you can compare how much time you save by automating & delegating tasks.

Image of a tablet showing the Efficiency Dashboard of the ScriptRunner Portal

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Additional Benefits for Operations Teams

You Kickstart Your Automation

When it comes to automation, IT pros often face the “hen-and-egg problem”: not enough time to automate, even though automation is the very thing that could save you time.

ScriptRunner facilitates the automation process with a bottom-up approach that allows for incremental changes while maintaining day-to-day operations.

The platform is quick to set up, produces immediate results, and can be expanded step-by-step without a gigantic project requirement.

With the free ActionPacks, you can get started right away and implement a variety of typical use cases.

You Improve Response Time and Efficiency

By delegating routine tasks to help desk or end-users, you can respond faster when things really get busy and your expertise is needed.

ScriptRunner improves the speed of problem-solving by simplifying issue monitoring and identification with detailed reports on all PowerShell scripts executed.

As a result, you shorten the process for typical user requests to just a few steps, with no pass-through stations. Users are helped faster and more efficiently, and you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

You Integrate Existing DevOps Processes

ScriptRunner supports professional PowerShell script development with several features. It integrates seamlessly with existing code management systems like Git or VSC. This allows you to separate the deployment of your scripts from the deployment in ScriptRunner.

The ScriptRunner ISE add-on enhances collaborative script development with features like check-out, check-in, version history, script policies, script management tools and others.

Are you a PowerShell beginner? Our free PowerShell cheat sheet and the ready-to-use scripts in our ActionPacks will help you get started.