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Creating a MS Teams Channel based on company governance policy

Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable tool for many companies. Employees can create new teams independently and quickly and adapt them according to their wishes.

Without clear rules, however, the number of teams and channels grows rapidly, the overview is lost, and administrative overhead increases.

With PowerShell and the ScriptRunner Software Platform, you can put a stop to this proliferation. Employees can easily and securely create and configure teams and channels according to your company governance policy.

Video: Creating a MS Teams Channel with ScriptRunner



Your Requirements

  • Avoid Teams proliferation
  • Standardize and delegate team creation process
  • Prevent the creation of private teams
  • Predefine team owners
  • Predefine naming structure of channels
  • Allow/prohibit the use of gifs, memes and stickers centrally
  • Enforce security and compliance
  • Disable deletion of Teams messages

Our Solution

  • Using the Teams PowerShell module and scripts from the ActionPack for Microsoft Teams, creating new teams by default is a breeze.
  • Security settings, such as handling gifs or creating and deleting channels, are pre-configured via ScriptRunner according to your governance and are neither visible nor modifiable to users.
  • Via the GUI of the ScriptRunner Portal, you grant your users access only to the options they should be able to configure themselves.

Your Benefit

  • Standardized creation of new teams across your company
  • Use by end users requires no PowerShell know-how
  • Creation can be easily delegated to help desk teams and departments
  • Governance policies are always automatically taken into account
  • Easy customization
  • Customizations are done centrally and quickly without disrupting day-to-day operations


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