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Create and manage PowerShell scripts in a team

PowerShell scripting in a team can be challenging.

Most tools for PowerShell scripting are missing means for professional planning and rehearsal of scripts, so maintaining script quality, security and traceability are the main pain points.

ScriptRunner supports the joint development of PowerShell scripts, their central storage and administration, as well as traceability.

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MVP Adam Bertram shows: Centralize scripts with ScriptRunner


Integrates with professional source control systems like Git, GitLab or TFS

Deploy and execute PowerShell scripts centrally and secure

Collaborative scripting in a team

  • Change and version history for all scripts
  • Check-out and check-in functions
  • Free script templates (ScriptRunner ActionPacks)
  • Coding guidelines and script structure are supported with templates
  • Including ScriptRunner ISE add-on for PowerShell ISE (recommended for smaller teams)

Organizing scripts in a central repository

  • Easily access your scripts everywhere
  • Deploy scripts centrally and secure
  • Lowers barrier of entry for your team members
  • Integrates with professional source control systems like Git, GitLab or TFS for extended functionality

Maintain security and traceability of scripts

  • Access based on roles and authorizations
  • Administer your script repository with policies
  • Monitor all PowerShell related activity with complete reporting


Clemens Feigl

Product Expert


Are you looking for solutions to make PowerShell scripting in your team more easy and secure? Or maybe even with multiple teams?

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