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Automate and delegate user provisioning

Provisioning new users can be a complex process. Creating user profiles in multiple systems involves intensive collaboration of Human Ressources and IT-Administration and oftentimes a major amount of manual work for IT-Administrators.
Automating the user provisioning process takes a great deal of the pain out of staff onboarding and offboarding.

With ScriptRunner, you’ll be able to not solely automate user provisioning, however you’ll be able to delegate it fully, or partially, to HR and service desk.

MVP Adam Bertram shows: Create a GUI for PowerShell scripts using ScriptRunner



Improve the efficiency and compliance of user provisioning and deprovisioning

Make user provisioning more efficient

  • Standardize user provision through scripting: Increased consistency, eliminate risk of typos, forgetting tasks or execution errors
  • Automate fully or partially with ScriptRunner Automation Connectors for ITSM, workflow systems and specialized applications as well as SharePoint and Intranet
  • Automate of legacy systems with the Email Inbound Connector

Enable HR and help desk to take over user provisioning

  • ScriptRunner turns your PowerShell scripts automatically into input forms that can be handled easily by users without PowerShell knowledge
  • ScriptRunner Portal is a fool-proof way for non-administrators to execute administrative tasks through their web browser
  • Improves the distribution of responsibilities among different teams with less interdependence

Ensure compliance for sensitive data access

  • Greater security and transparency throughout the user provisioning process
  • Execution of the scripts is controlled by guidelines (script execution policies)
  • Complete reporting with long-term storage for audits


Heiko Brenn

Product Expert


Automate and delegate administrative tasks in Exchange & O365

Speaking of tedious tasks: within the daily operation of Exchange or Exchange Online, frequently continual tasks occur.
These include, for instance, creating new mailboxes, creating/editing out-of-office settings for sick employees, monitoring mailbox sizes or managing distribution lists.

In our free webinar I’ll show you how you can automate these and many other tasks and how you can make the use of PowerShell more comfortable and even more team-compatible.

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