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PowerShell benefits for SharePoint

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Why you should use PowerShell to manage SharePoint (Online). Here are four use-cases for you:

Managing SharePoint Online with PowerShell provides administrators with a powerful set of tools to automate complex and repetitive tasks, streamline management processes, and improve the overall efficiency and reliability of SharePoint Online environments. With its command-line scripting capabilities, PowerShell can automate tasks such as site creation, user management, permissions handling, and content organization. This approach not only saves time, but also reduces the potential for human error, ensuring a more consistent and secure management process.


Use case 1: Creating a SharePoint site collection

Using PowerShell, administrators can quickly create a new SharePoint site collection with a single command by specifying parameters such as the URL, title, template, and owner.

New-SPOSite -Url "" -Owner "" -StorageQuota 1024 -Title "Project Site" -Template "STS#3"


Use case 2: Managing SharePoint users and groups

Administrators can use PowerShell to add or remove users from SharePoint groups, streamlining the management of access permissions.

Add-SPOUser -Site "" -Group "Project Members" -LoginName ""


Use case 3: Set storage quotas for site collections

PowerShell makes it easy to set the storage quota for a site collection, allowing you to better manage resources.

Set-SPOSite -Identity "" -StorageQuota 2048


Use case 4: Get site collection information

You can use PowerShell to get detailed information about site collections to help with inventory and monitoring tasks.

Get-SPOSite -Identity ""



These use cases demonstrate the versatility and efficiency of managing SharePoint Online with PowerShell. By leveraging these capabilities, organizations can ensure that their SharePoint environments are more manageable, secure, and aligned with their operational requirements.




Mastering SharePoint (Online) management with PowerShell automation

One of our latest webinars covered SharePoint. You can request the recording now.

Join us for an in-depth exploration into the power of automation for SharePoint Online management using PowerShell and ScriptRunner.

This webinar is designed for SharePoint administrators and automation architects who are looking to streamline their SharePoint operations and enhance efficiency.


In this webinar, we covered:

  • Introduction to PowerShell and SharePoint Online
  • Streamlining and automating daily tasks such as user management, site collection provisioning, and permission settings
  • Creating SharePoint reports scheduled and interactive with PowerShell
  • Enable help desk teams and advanced users to securely create site collections following standard guidelines
  • Centrally document configuration changes in SharePoint environments


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