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Compliance with ScriptRunner

ScriptRunner makes it easier for you to comply with legal and business IT infrastructure requirements by enabling or improving the controllability and traceability of processes and activities.

ScriptRunner provides various functions for this purpose, from implementation to delivery and monitoring.


Standardize tasks

The script-driven solution performs exactly the same steps each time, without typos or forgetting tasks.

Standardize administrative activities

Ensure script quality

The central script repository ensures that your users only use up-to-date and secure PowerShell scripts.

Develop and manage scripts

Control access

Within ScriptRunner, you can use roles to determine which users have access to which resources (scripts, targets, credentials).

Automate and delegate user provisioning

Control script execution

Execution policies allow you to define in advance the conditions under which a script may be executed.

Execution policies in ScriptRunner

Automate tasks

ScriptRunner increases the reliability of your processes by enabling event-based and scheduled automation of many routine tasks.

Automate IT tasks with PowerShell

Integrate infrastructure

Connectors allow you to integrate monitoring, IT service management, and other applications to call Actions in ScriptRunner and return the results to the calling system.

ScriptRunner Connectors

Delegate tasks securely

ScriptRunner Apps allow you to securely delegate scripted tasks to users without having to assign them administrative access to the required resources.

Security concept


The ScriptRunner Admin App contains a dashboard to monitor and track all script executions.
These script reports can be filtered and displayed in diagrams or as lists.
In addition, individual evaluations can be graphically prepared as HTML reports.

ScriptRunner Admin App


Governance and Compliance Readiness increasingly demand complete traceability of all processes. Even the use of PowerShell scripts is not exempt from this. All script executions are logged by ScriptRunner Server and stored in a circulation database. For long-term storage, the data can be stored in parallel in an external SQL database.

Report/Audit DB Connector